Master Liming Yue – DVDs

As an aid to his teaching Master Yue has produced a number of DVDs for forms and applications.  Each disk(s) contains one form or application set.  These DVDs fall into three main categories:
Hand Forms
Weapons Forms

The DVDs are available as a number of disks boxed and sealed, or as down-loadable files.  The content of the disk and the download is the same with the download version sold at a discount to reflect the lower production cost.  The duration of the DVD ranges from one to three hours depending on the length and complexity of the form, each download file lasts for approximately 30 minutes.

Master Liming Yue – Lessons and Seminars

With the development of the on-line teaching system it is now possible to record lessons and seminars.  These will include:
Detailed instruction on forms
Live lessons
Edited seminars (showing the instructional elements)

The detailed instruction will be in the form of a number of down-loadable modules and will expand on the information given in the corresponding DVD.

Lessons and seminars will only be available as download files, and will be produced up to four weeks after the event, depending on length and complexity.


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