Seminars In-Person and On-Line

A live broadcast of a seminar given by Master Yue or other instructor.  To view the live stream you will need to sign up for the On-line Seminar. After you have paid and shortly before the seminar date you will receive the link on which the video will be delivered.

Below is a list of the seminars that are available:

Download of previous seminars
Seminars on USB memory stick
Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei Seminar 2017
Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei Seminar 2017
Even though this seminar has finished all of the teaching elements from the 4 day seminar can be purchased as a download. There are 14 teaching videos lasting more than 10 hours and has a download size of 5.22GB.

Because of the size of the download it is not hosted on our usual system. You will be sent a link to the download folder by the site administrator.

The videos include Push Hands, Straight Sword and Laojia and are intended for those who are interested in energy releasing and applications. It is also suitable for anyone who has been practicing other martial arts or exercises and would like to expand their skills as a Tai Chi fighter for self defense.
USB Stick of Easter 2017 Seminar
USB Stick of Easter 2017 Seminar
This USB stick is restricted to those persons who have paid for the £228 for the seminar, if you did not pay for the seminar you can still purchase the USB or download after paying for the on-line seminar.

USB sticks or download links will be issued manually (not part of the automatic system) only after full payment has been processed.
Attendance in Person at the venue
View Live Stream
None available None available


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